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We fell in love right by the ocean


go to sleep piece of shit

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Title: Dread in My Heart
Artist: Mother Mother
Album: The Sticks


I cant finish this, but I had to get this out of my head

I really like Morphine Sly Blue’s Design


Remember when Aoba mistook his brother’s attempts to get rescued for porn spam mail

I think we all can agree that Axel and Saix were married and it all went amiss when Axel adopted two kids that Saix wasn’t ready for.

You can’t hide the true storyline from me. I know what happened.

What about Akurokushi tho? Imo that can put up a nice fight~


like I ship them not ROMANTICALLY, but in more of a family sort of way? Like Axel is the dad/big brother figure who picked up two stray kids and takes FANTASTIC care of them and they all love each other and cuddle but it’s in a mad cutesy family way.

BUT I SHIP KOMAHINANAMI MAD ROMANTICALLY and also in a family sort of way so they still win.

If Kairi was more well rounded and developed Komahinanami would have some competition

but as it stands right now Sorikai is very weak and will not survive the winter, unlike komahinanami who has built a snow fortress and has plenty of food stocked.

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